Billfish Inc. is a content sharing platform, built to entertain and inform anglers on the latest trends in the fishing industry. 

We started Billfish because we thought there was a need for a legitimate fishing brand/magazine/page that shares content that, entertains, informs and inspires fisherman and boating enthousiasts. We focus on giving as much value as we possibly can and making use of the 100k followers that we've accumulated, to change the industry for the better :)

Billfish's creed is the following:

  • By fishermen
  • For fishermen

Unlike other brands/magazines, Billfish is run by fisherman. This is something we take pride in because the whole reason why billfish exists, is because we got fed up of having to consume content that's catered for the general population instead of people like ourselves: individuals that have a passion for fishing and boating!

Our mission is to provide serious offshore anglers with the best content and to provide as much value for our followers as we possibly can, 24/7 365!

I got fed up of seeing photos and videos posted by individuals who don’t know anything about fishing, so we took the matter into our own hands and created the ‘fishing information super highway’!

Footage in this video by:
Tommy Farella, Spencer Yachts, Bayliss Boatworks, Paul Mann custom boats, Occhioinc and Hey Chama sport fishing